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  New web site coming on line soon Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted on Wed 10 Oct, 2007 21:26 by Vijay Pande
News We've completely overhauled the FAH web pages. The inspiration for the changes were multi-fold, but mainly the old site was looking a bit old stylistically and the translations were poorly integrated with the main text; in particular, the "download" pages were unique for each translation, yet only the English translation (main site) download page was updated.

There will be several new features behind the scenes which will be useful to us

* The new backend for the web site is much more flexible, allowing the whole Pandegroup as well as some other collaborators to make direct edits to the site. We expect that this will keep the site more freshly updated (esp in terms of the FAQ)
* The language translations will be MUCH better integrated. Check this out: when on a page (any page), click on a language link on the left and get that specific page translated! Chinese, English, French, and German are (mostly) all in, and more translations are on the way.
* Site search will now be integrated.
* Backend tricks will allow us to keep pages consistent -- between translations and even with the PandeGroup web site as well.
* Browser-specific pages: for certain pages (eg the download page), we will look to your browser to make specific recommendations (eg client recommendations) to hopefully greatly simplify the client-choice process (which has gotten really complex, due to all the clients we now support).

Our first goal was to get the site up and to port over the previous content. Over the next few weeks, we'll also be updating the content (some of which is fairly old and deserves a good updating).

For now, please check it out

If all looks good over the next few days, this site will replace the old FAH site at the url.

This news item has 486 Views and 21 Comments. Post your comment

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 19:38 by 7im

Since the new site is up and running, I'm closing this thread.

Please post additional comments in the new thread. Thanks.

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 17:29 by toTOW

When coming from the stats server, I ended on a page asking me for a login/password on th news site ... strange ...

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 17:09 by smASHer88

good to see a fresh new layout

i was glad to see the active no. of donators stats graph updated, but it has the no.s reflecting 2008? theres no no. for 2007 yet lol how can 2008 be even there? i think the graph image needs to be bigger and a bit more appealing, cut the square markers and just make them circles, and style it up a bit... littles things, big differences

you've done awesome tho to update the page - nice work

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 14:48 by 7im

Stanford is already working on a new map, but things like new clients tend to take priority. ;)

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 13:54 by Owly_K

The German translation is poor. I don't speak one of the other languages, but the German pages look like an automatic translation - very bad. I'm a German native speaker, so if any help is needed, feel free to ask.

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 10:59 by smoking2000

Sahkuhnder wrote:
Does anyone know of a more modern version of this type of map display? Maybe something easy to update and based on google maps or equivalent with a more current, higher-resolution appearance? has an API which could be combined with Googlemaps: wrote:

Simple GET

That said, there is an easy HTTP oriented API to locate IP addresses and Geocode them. If you don't supply the "?" bit, then the ip address lookup of the calling machine will be located instead (here, the aa,bb,cc,dd are decimal digits). If you add &position=true to the end of the URL then latitude and longitude will be returned also. Both HTML and XML formats are supplied for your convenience.

      Country: UNITED STATES (US)
      City: Sugar Grove, IL
      Country: UNITED STATES (US)
      City: Sugar Grove, IL
      Latitude: 41.7696
      Longitude: -88.4588
      [use the URL above for an example - XML too long to paste below]

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 07:39 by Sahkuhnder

Vijay Pande wrote: well as updating the map page.

Uhm, that wasn't really what I meant to suggest. Deleting the old 2004 date is a step in the right direction I guess, but things like "distribution of IP addresses used by [email protected] 2.0 users", when we are now on v6.0, still kind of gives it away that the map is ancient.

That same map is posted elsewhere as well, including on the team homepage for the forum under whose name I contribute. In the past people have asked when it will be updated, which is where my suggestion came from.

Any chance of actually generating new map data using current IP addresses? Considering there are 250k CPUs, I wager there are now more IPs than just 35k in 94 countries. The PS3 client alone may use that many. Compare the old map display to the modern one on the PS3 and you can see how badly it needs a facelift. My home city of almost 2 million has a yellow dot, symbolizing 6-25 addresses, and I know our company contribution alone accounts for almost that number all by ourselves. People living in remote locations outside of the worlds major cities and considering running [email protected] might also be encouraged to know that their fellow locals contribute too. I understand this may seem trivial compared to time spent updating the various clients or working on the actual science, but an organization that survives on public donations and goodwill must always be especially mindful of PR and appearances. I suspect that if your map page had a counter displaying the number of times the page was viewed, the few minutes devoted to updating the data wouldn't seem quite so unimportant anymore.

Does anyone know of a more modern version of this type of map display? Maybe something easy to update and based on google maps or equivalent with a more current, higher-resolution appearance? Any better ideas?

The updated donation page looks excellent.

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 05:10 by Galahad

Oh, much better now! Thanks for quickness!

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 05:02 by Vijay Pande

ok, thanks Galahad. Could you try the download page again now?

Thu 11 Oct, 2007 04:52 by Galahad

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